When I sit down to tangle, or I’m working on Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) – I usually have a theme in mind and I want to have tangles that work together in that theme, but most sites have tangles listed by name.

Welcome to my solution!

I have designed TangleAddicts.com to help us Tangle Addicts easily find and sort tangles according to the categories that they seem to naturally fall into.

In the menu above – hover or click to view all of the tangles I have listed so far for that category. There, you will see thumbnails for each tangle, the creator of the tangle, and a link to the step-outs I have drawn. In an effort to move a little faster filling content, you will see that sometimes I just have names of the tangles and maybe their creator. To be copyright compliant, I am drawing these myself, and that takes some time.

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3 thoughts on “TangleAddicts

  1. Denise Downes says:

    Hello Heather,
    I am looking for a class for my niece and sister to do together. My niece is a 5th grader and very artistic (so is my sister). I think they will love Zentangle. They live in Novi. I was thinking about signing them up for the Zentangle essentials, but I am not sure if the January 5 date will work. Do you offer gift cards?



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