Hello my name is Heather Hartwick-Gladden, I’m a Tangle Addict and also a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

When I sit down to tangle, sometimes I want to have a theme, or I picture a tangle but don’t remember the name and there’s no good way to find it quickly. So I decided to fix that problem for myself, and have designed tangleaddicts.com to help us tangle addicts easily find and sort tangles according to the categories that they seem to naturally fall into.

How to use this site: Click on a Category in the Menu to view all of the tangles I have listed so far for that category. There, you will see thumbnails for each tangle, the creator of the tangle, and a link to the step-outs I have drawn. In an effort to move a little faster filling content, you will see that sometimes I just have names of the tangles and maybe their creator. To be copyright compliant, I have to draw these myself.

The site is designed with the more seasoned tangler in mind. If you have NO IDEA what the heck I’m talking about with tangles or what Zentangle® is, contact me and also visit the Zentangle® Official Site to learn more.

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  1. Hello Heather,
    I am looking for a class for my niece and sister to do together. My niece is a 5th grader and very artistic (so is my sister). I think they will love Zentangle. They live in Novi. I was thinking about signing them up for the Zentangle essentials, but I am not sure if the January 5 date will work. Do you offer gift cards?



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