Tangle Time: The Hug

The tangle I decided to present on June 4th’s Tangle Time was inspired by how badly, it seems, we all just need a good hug right now. We all know why – so not going there – we all just need a good hug. I have Aunts that give the best hugs. LONG hugs. Hugs of I don’t want to let go of you because I Love you – hugs.

I have read a number of articles all saying similar things about hugs: They reduce stress and because of that, may reduce illness. May lower blood pressure, meaning it’s good for heart health. Scientists have found that touch can reduce fears and anxiety. Lastly, when we are close to (physically), touch or hug someone, our bodies produce a chemical called Oxytocin. Oxytocin is associated with a number of things including happiness and less stress.

If a hug could be represented with pen and ink, it would be the tangle, Mooka by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, founders of Zentangle® Here is a link to a video where Rick and Maria introduce and talk about Mooka. Give it a try and let us see your results in the Facebook Group. Step Out Link here.

Just look at the beautiful hugs we created!


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