Day 10 #InktoberTangles2022 | Finery & Finegogh

For information on the InktoberTangles2022 challenge, click HERE.

Finery was created by Zentangle, Inc.

My version of the step-out is HERE. More inspiration is over THERE. Oh and even more out yonder.

There was an additional suggestion to take a look Finegogh by CZT Juliette Fiessinger. This is a Tangleation of Finery and Vertigogh by Zentangle, Inc. My version of this step-out is HERE and there is more inspiration is over THERE.

My YouTube Playlist for InktoberTangles2022 is HERE.

When you post your work, make sure to use #inktoberTangles2022! Join us for more fun on our Private Facebook Group (make sure to answer the questions).

Have fun and happy tangling!!!

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