Introducing a new tangle: upNtuck

On the 3/17/2022 Tangle Time sessions, we are introducing a new tangle from our Tangle Addicts community, upNtuck by CZT Alyssa Herget.

Alyssa’s inspiration came from playing with the Zentangle® original tangle, Fengle.
Enjoy some of her beautiful work with her tangle upNTuck. (Step-outs below too.)

Here is Alyssa’s step-out.

…and some explanation, which is always helpful!

Join us, if you’ve opened this in time Click HERE for links to join – give it a try and stay tuned for the recap post of today’s sessions!!

Thank you Alyssa for creating this WONDERFUL, super versatile tangle #upNtuck!!

Happy Tangling!!!
Heather Hartwick Gladden, CZT20

Introducing a new tangle: Havasu

On today’s Tangle Time Sessions, we introduced a new tangle from our Tangle Addicts community, Havasu by Debbi Minero.

In Debbi’s post sharing her tangle, she says:
“Here is my first attempt at designing a Tangle and a step-out. It is a border tangle and can be used as a frame. It is named after the city Lake Havasu which is the resting place of my parents and also honors our Native American heritage .”

Here is one her inspirations, a 50 year old crocheted blanket by her grandmother with more of her work.
(Select any picture to make it in full.)

Here is her step-out.

Give it a try and stay tuned for the recap post of today’s sessions featuring Debbi’s Havasu!!

Introducing a new tangle: Heartfelt

On today’s Tangle Time Sessions, we will be introducing a new tangle from our Tangle Addicts community, Co-host and CZT Cherie Hartwick. Enjoy Heartfelt! On today’s call, I will be asking about her inspiration. Join in if you can! I will be sending out the replay after I process today’s videos.

Here is her step-out and a sample of it in use. If you post your results please use #heartfelt-tangle (and #tangleaddicts, if you don’t mind).

We look forward to playing with it today!

Thanks Cherie (Mom)!!!

Introducing: Samhradh

#Samhradh (Sou-ra) is a tangle by Sandy Vaughan. @theirishtangler (Instagram)

(From Sandy) It’s pronounced like sow (a female pig), said the same way you’d say cow, and not how you’d say, sow the seeds. So the word Samhradh means Summer or Summertime in my native Irish language. My happy little 7 year old granddaughter is named Summer, and she’s tall, slender and graceful which I think this tangle is too, so I’m dedicating this tangle to her. 

The inspiration for deconstructing this tangle came from the curtains (drapes) that I have hanging in my art room. It’s my quiet place at home, my “Me Time” place, where I can hang a virtual “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, put on some music, relax, and enjoy tangling my Zentangles!

I’ve found that at least 5 half S tethered aura lines are needed (no matter how small or big your initial square is) when you draw the aura lines from the top of the seed down into the square box. You’ll then get at least 4 columns and rows within the square and get a much better dark shade effect at the top of the seed where you begin each aura. Drawing even more aura lines is better again, I like the effect when I can fit 7 or 8 aura lines in. 

Here are some beautiful samples!


#Woccoh is a tangle by Sandy Vaughan. @theirishtangler (Instagram)

I asked Sandy about the inspiration of her tangle, she said: ” My hubby was my inspiration for the name. Woccoh is a word he uses all the time when he jokes around with me, it’s just a fun word of our own. I came up with the pattern when I was sketching out new dog tags for our three doggies. The bone shape became the top of the M-like shape of woccoh and it just emerged after a play around with it.”

These are samples from Sandy’s Instagram page, published her with her permission. Links are at the bottom of each picture.

Here is her step-out

The birth of a tangle.

Sandy shares pictures of her inspiration for the tangle and some of her early step-out workings.