I have so much fun teaching in person, and now I’m excited to have even more fun with online classes.

Notes on classes: My response to what is happening in the world today, is to bring escape through the Zentangle® Method and Zentangle® Art. Whether you want to create, to have a way to meditate or do a mindful exercise, Zentangle could be just what you need! No art skill required!!!

I am offering both paid and free classes. I greatly appreciate those that have supported my efforts with direct donations ( and by purchasing Zentangle Supplies from my store.

Moving forward, I am now also offering a Membership Club, where with one price per month will get you a lot of classes and content. While I am developing this, I am offering a special “Founding Member Tier” Click HERE for info. I still greatly appreciate purchases from my store. I would also love connections to those that could sponsor special events for those with special needs like Cancer patients, Vetrans (others) with PTSD, Kids with long term illness, etc.

FREE Session Dates and links

Tangle Time: At this time, there is no need to register. I get new codes after each session and will update them here. Click the link on the date and it will take you to the meeting at If you would like me to add your email to any regular occurring session, let me know. Click HERE for class details/items you need.

‘Tough’ Tangle Tuesday AKA 3rd Tuesday Special: Click HERE for class details/items you need.

Classes with a fee -dates and Links

Zentangle Essentials | $25 | 2 hour class | Details | Tuesday, June 22, 2021: 11AM and 7PM (EDT)
Register on: Eventbrite, on Meetup, Pay directly via PayPal (I understand Venmo is a PayPal company and you should be able to select pay with Venmo on my PayPal links.) (More links coming soon – contact me if you need a different way to pay.)
Or, join the Tangle Addicts Club and have automatic registration (and save a little)

I also post classes on the platforms below. If you follow me on any of those, you should see when I add new classes and be able to register.

I also post classes on the platforms below. If you follow me on any of those, you should see when I add new classes and be able to register.

Below are descriptions of the classes I offer. If you have a group or organization and would like a private class (online right now), contact me.

Tangle Time:  Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. The Zentangle Method increases focus, creativity and provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well-being.  Click HERE for Class times and links.             

          And – Absolutely No art skill is required!

For these reasons, and to help me master the online class idea, I am offering this class at no cost for now.  In this class – I’ll talk us through a tangle or two, maybe a technique or two… Whatever we have time for.

If you are new to Zentangle – that’s ok!! You don’t need special stuff, see what I have listed in parenthesis. If you want to order supplies, you can do so HERE.

Items you will need :

  • Micron Pen of your choosing (Felt or plastic nib pens work too – or anything you can write with, will work in a pinch.)
  • Traditional Zentangle Tiles of your choosing (3.5″ square – A piece of thicker paper, like cardstock, works great.)
  • Pencil
  • Tortillion (For shading the graphite from the pencil. You can use your finger, or maybe a cotton swab.)

‘Tough’ Tangle Tuesday AKA 3rd Tuesday Special: The idea of these sessions is similar to Tangle Time, but we explore tangles that either have more steps than normal, or are just more difficult in nature.

Zentangle Essentials: Your journey into the Zentangle Method starts here. All of the materials you need will be supplied. We will talk about the Zentangle Method, how it’s different than doodling, how it can benefit you as far as a method to relax, boost creativity and focus, work on mindfulness and even as a way to meditate. The journey is yours to take – let me be your guide. Click HERE for dates.

  • 2 hours
  • In person class: $40/person – supplies included. 
  • Online Class: $25/person – Bring your own supplies

Items you will need:

  • Paper Tiles (3.5″ Square minimum) (We will be using one or two)
  • Black Micron (or other brand fine-liner) pen.
  • Graphite pencil (No. 2 is perfect)
  • Tortillon or stump (or cotton swab, to blend)

You can purchase these supplies HERE. This takes you to the Just the basic’s page on my store to make it easier than searching through everything to find these specific supplies.

Zentangle Techniques: After Zentangle Essentials, join us for ongoing classes where we will:

  • Relax and De-stress with Zentangle!!
  • Explore more tangles, shading & string ideas.
  • Explore more mediums: Black Tiles, Renaissance (Tan) Tiles, Zendalas, Bijou Tiles and more.
  • Bring your supplies – additional tiles will be supplied.

Autumn Tangles and more…

With Autumn here and Halloween approaching, why not have some themed fun? I have selected a number of tangles that make me think of either Autumn OR Halloween.

While it helps to have taken a beginning Zentangle® class, like my Zentangle Essentials, it is not necessary. As with all of my Zentangle® classes – NO ART SKILLS REQUIRED!!

I’m going to share how to do the tangles, as I normally do, but I’ll also touch on tips for tangling on plastic pumpkins or wood cut outs. So if you have some of these or can venture out to the store – feel free! You can also do the tangles as you normally would on a tile or a sketchbook. This is totally up to you – it will be a great class regardless of the medium you decide to use.

Items you will need:

✨ Medium: Zentangle tile, or other paper or sketchbook of your choice. Color/shape of tile or paper doesn’t matter either. OR a plastic pumpkin or flat wood cut out (pumpkin or other autumn shape)

✨ Pen: This will depend on what you are drawing on. For pumpkins, paint pens or permanent markers work great. Wood cut outs, you can use markers, micron, and/or gel pens.

✨ Graphite, colored or chalk pencils. if you are using wood or paper (for shading).

✨ Tortillion or stump (Or maybe cotton swab, to blend.) if you are using wood or paper.

Tangled Monograms

I have developed a wonderful (and yes, EASY – good for people that can’t draw, like me) way to create a one of a kind monogram with your own handwriting. NO ART SKILL REQUIRED!! You don’t even have to have good handwriting! (Seriously!!)Previous Tangle experience is helpful, but not necessary. This can be a gift in and of itself, good to commemorate a special occasion, like a wedding or birth celebration; or go small and personalize a gift tag. So many ways you can use this technique! You will LOVE IT!!!Items you will need.
• Paper to draw on. Cardstock, Zentangle Tile, sketchbook, etc. Size & color is up to you.
• Pens. Microns or other fine liners, in black, and other colors.
• Gel Pens and or colored Pencils
• Pencil
• Tortillons or stumps to blend (You could use cotton swabs too).