These tangles are all based on a grid. Grids may be made with lines or dots or squares. They can also be odd shaped to have fun. Basically there is a structure that we lay down first as part of the tangle.

As this page is in process, if there is no stepout link – check the TanglePatterns or Zentangle site for stepouts.

Bales Bales  by Zentangle® – Stepout  DL Labrynth DL-Labyrinth   Zentangle pattern: Lacy Lacy     Nzeppel ‘NZeppel

Flukes Flukes by Zentangle® – Stepout


?2-N-5 by Anita Roby-Lavery, CZT

4 CORNERS by Barbara Finwall

AMBLER by Zentangle

?ARCHER by Chris Gerstner

BATEEK by Linda Farmer, CZT

BEELIGHT by Zentangle

BITTEN  by Carole Ohl, CZT

BLACK BOX by Suzanne McNeill,  CZT

BLANKETT by Judy Murphy

BOOMERANGS by Teresa Clerc, CZT

BOWTIES by Lori Howe

BUMPKINS by Beth Snoderly

BUTTER by Alexandra Triantafyllopoulou

BUTTERCUP by Sandy Bartholomew,  CZT

Cadent CADENT by Zentangle® – Stepout

CAMELLIA by Anne Marks

CARP by Georgiana Klein, CZT

CARRÈS by Geneviève Crabe, CZT


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